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Here at Orbit Technologies, we’re proud of the fact that we get to work alongside a varied selection of clients. Our mission is always to help facilitate the client’s needs so that they can remain at the very top of their game. We cater for a wide range of industries and are regarded as one of the leading international manufacturers of agricultural equipment.

The Brief

We were approached by one customer whose business focused on the supply of automated systems to farms all over the world. This revolutionary technology, unfortunately, had one shortfall – it was struggling in remote locations following local thunderstorms. Naturally, this issue proved highly detrimental in locations such as the Midwest of the USA and Japan where thunderstorms are prevalent.

The customer approached Orbit Technologies with a request – analyse the technology and determine how to protect it from the effects of thunderstorms. They wanted us to devise a means of improving the technology so that it would continue to function without issue, even with the presence of severe electrical disturbance in the atmosphere.

The Solution

Orbit Technologies took on the project, and the technology was passed onto the relevant department. Our technical specialists analysed the design, which we knew to be around 20 years old. Our analysis found that the design was missing various critical upgrades, introduced over the last two decades, which were designed with thunderstorms and other electrical interference in mind.

Once we had completed our analysis, we came back to the client with our recommendation. We suggested replacing the various critical components with modern equivalents, as these equivalents possessed superior surge immunity. These components would also fit their current PCBs with no charges.

The client accepted, and our team set about upgrading the technology to bring it up to specification. At Orbit Technologies, we manufacture all components using high-quality raw materials, so the client was assured of first-class results.

The Result

At the conclusion of the project, we rigorously tested the technology to ensure that it lived up to expectations. The technology was returned to the client who proceeded to deploy it into the field. Field tests were promising with the problems all but disappearing. As a result, expensive service trips to remote farms have since dropped dramatically, saving the client a lot of money in the process.

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