International Manufacturer of Oil Rig Equipment

When it comes to the complex projects, here at Orbit Technologies, we truly excel. Our team thrives on fulfilling those challenging requirements and are happy to work with companies spanning all manner of industries. It’s this approach that is the reason we’re considered to be a highly sought after international manufacturer of oil rig equipment.

The Brief

Recently, we were approached by a client operating in the oil industry regarding a product that was taking around ten days to wire. Naturally, such an extended period of time was proving costly and slowing everything else down. A key issue that largely compounded the problem was the difficulty in manufacturing the product itself.

The product was also proving difficult to service in the field, further complicating matters and making it challenging to continue working with the product in question. The situation, as it stood, had to change, so the company approached Orbit Technologies to request our assistance.

Our team took over the project and proceeded to analyse the technology to determine what might be the main cause of the problem reported by the client. We found that the technology primarily consisted of the wiring inside, which we find to be less efficient, more prone to issues, and more problematic to fix in the event of a problem.

The Solution

The solution to this problem was simple – we suggested removing around 90% of the wiring and replacing it with PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards. This would significantly reduce the internal clutter, increase efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of faults occurring. In the event a fault occurred, the malfunctioning PCB could be quickly and easily removed and replaced with a new one.

The client accepted our proposal, and our team proceeded to design several PCBs which were designed with the technology in mind. We also produced modified metalwork drawings to suit the PCB mounting. All the work was carried out in-house by our team in line with the client’s budget and specifications. We made sure to test the changes we’d made rigorously to ensure that they performed as expected.

Once we were satisfied that the changes would resolve the issue faced by the client, the technology was returned.

The Result

At the conclusion of the project, the client reported a noticeable drop in production time. Where previously, it had taken ten man-days per box, the time had been greatly reduced to just three hours. In addition, the client also noted increased reliability as well as a reduction in the number of service calls received.

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