One of the World’s Largest Companies

Recently, we were hired by one of the largest companies in the world to assist them with their PCB tests. This business is based in the US and is listed as one of the top ten largest companies worldwide. Their UK site develops new multi-media and RF chips that are then used for their next generation of PC processor chips.

The Brief

Our team was tasked with providing test PCBs for this company. They required these products as they wanted to test their new silicon. We consulted heavily with them beforehand to lay out exactly what they needed to be done. Having come to an agreement on a course of action, we then began producing the test PCBs.

Challenges Faced

As we were dealing with such a large company, our team had to adapt in order to meet the high demand. We set out the quickest and most efficient way in which we could produce the test PCBs. After deciding on which method would be most suitable, our team then began work.

The boards that were required by the company were complex, and needed impedance matched tracks amongst other features. It was a challenge for our team to produce such complex PCBs on a mass scale. However, thanks to excellent project management, we managed to complete the job in the agreed timeframe.

The Result

In the end, we were able to produce a large selection of suitable test PCBs for the company. Our team managed to handle the heavy workload and gained significant experience from the job. The company was pleased with our results and the manner in which we had worked.

One of the aspects of our service they were most impressed with was the speed with which we completed the project. We were able to work quicker than the company’s own internal procedures, which were far slower. The company also received what they needed at a cheaper price than they had paid before. In their eyes, this was the result of a long-term, symbiotic relationship with us.

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